State IT Advisory Committee (SITAC)


The State Information Technology Advisory Committee (SITAC) has three primary responsibilities, as described in ND Century Code (Chapter 54-59):

  1. To advise the Information Technology Dept. regarding statewide information technology planning and budgeting, services of the department, and statewide information technology initiatives and policy
  2. To review reports on major information technology projects and policies, standards, and guidelines developed by the Information Technology Dept.
  3. To review major project proposals and rank those projects that receive the committee's affirmative recommendation
    • SITAC Large Project Ranking
SITAC Composition
Name Agency
Shawn Riley
ND Information Technology Dept.
Representative Glen Bosch
Legislative Assembly
Senator Kyle Davison Legislative Assembly
Charlie Tweet Bank of North Dakota
Sally Holewa ND Supreme Court
Alvin A. Jaeger Secretary of State
Chris Jones Dept. of Human Services
Darin King ND University System
Bryan Klipfel Workforce Safety and Insurance
Joe Morrissette Office of Management and Budget
Ron Henke Dept. of Transportation
Brian Kroshus Office of State Tax Commissioner
Clare Ness The Attorney General's Office
Pat Bertagnolli Other State Agency Seat (Job Service ND)
Jan Murtha Other State Agency Seat (Retirement and Investment Office)
TBA State Agency TBA
Peggy Link Private industry representative
(MDU Resources Group)
TBA Private industry representative

Each biennium, executive branch agencies (excluding Higher Education) submit information regarding major IT projects expected to meet or exceed a $500,000 budget (the “major” project threshold). This information includes details from agency IT operations plans, business cases, and self-scoring worksheets that outline the benefits and ability to implement each project. A workbook of all major IT projects is compiled by NDIT and sent to SITAC in the fall of each even-numbered year.

Per NDCC 54-59-02.1: The department shall submit information regarding proposed major information technology projects for executive branch state agencies, departments and institutions, excluding institutions under control of the state board of higher education and agencies of the judicial and legislative branches to the state information technology advisory committee . The committee shall review the projects and rank those projects that receive the committee’s affirmative recommendation. The chief information officer shall submit recommendations of the committee regarding the prioritization of major information technology projects to the information technology committee, the office of management and budget, and the appropriations committees of the legislative assembly. The judicial and legislative branches shall notify biennially the committee on their major information technology projects and priorities.

After reviewing the information, SITAC holds a meeting where agencies present a summary of their business case and respond to questions. Initial ranking is based on the scores derived from the benefit/ability to implement worksheets, and the sorted list is then presented to SITAC for final ranking. The results are then communicated to the Office of Management and Budget and the Legislature as input to the appropriation process.

SITAC Large Project Ranking (2021-2023)

Rank Department Project
1 Information Technology  Technical Debt Reduction
2 Information Technology  Cybersecurity Process Automation
3 Transportation Traffic Counting Program Modernization
4 Human Services Field Services Data Warehouse
5 Information Technology  Cybersecurity Forensic Laboratory
6 Transportation Website Drupal Uplift and Enhancements
7 Information Technology Business Process Improvement, Organizational Change Management, and Automation
8 Transportation Roadway Information Management System Replacement
9 Human Services FRAME and CCWIPS transformation 
Workforce Safety and Insurance
myWSI Projects
11 Workforce Safety and Insurance Claims and Policy System Projects
12 Transportation Construction and Materials Management System
13 Human Services Contract and Payment System
14 Transportation Traffic Data Estimating and Analysis Replacement
15 Human Services Medicaid Management Information System Transformation 
16 Transportation Automated Vehicle Location Hardware and Software Expansion

detailed report is available that contains budget expectations by funding type.

SITAC Large Project Ranking (2019-2021)

General Funds

Rank Department Project
1 Information Technology Dept. Statewide Interoperable Radio Network (SIRN)
2 Information Technology Dept. Cyber Security Toolset Modernization
3 Information Technology Dept. Unified Data Platform
4 Information Technology Dept. North Dakota Gateway
5 Information Technology Dept. Mainframe Transition
6 Information Technology Dept. Citizen Relationship Management System
7 Dept. of Human Services Replace Basic Care Mainframe Application
8 Information Technology Dept. Statewide Land Parcel Dataset


Special Funds

Rank Department Project
1 Dept. of Transportation Drivers License System Rewrite
2 Industrial Commission Risk Based Data Management System Upgrade
3 Information Technology Dept. IT Service Management System
4 Workforce Safety & Insurance Claims and Policy System, Release 7
5 Dept. of Transportation Automatic Vehicle Location/GPS on Snowplows
6 Workforce Safety & Insurance Claims and Policy System, Release 8
7 Workforce Safety & Insurance Claims and Policy System, Release 10
8 Information Technology Dept. Implement Application Platform Solution (aPaaS)
9 Workforce Safety & Insurance myWSI Enhancement, Releases 3-4
10 Workforce Safety & Insurance Claims and Policy System, Release 9
11 Information Technology Dept. Automation-Orchestration
12 Dept. of Transportation Maintenance Management System
13 Retirement and Investment Office TFFR Pension Administration System Modernization
14 Dept. of Transportation Traffic Data Editing and Analysis System Replacement
15 Dept. of Transportation Mobile/Digital Drivers License


Federal Funds

Rank Department Project
1 Office of the Secretary of State Voting System Replacement
2 Dept. of Human Services Child Welfare Information System Replacement
3 Dept. of Human Services MMIS Technical Stack Upgrade
4 Office of the Secretary of State Statewide ePollBooks
5 Dept. of Human Services Replace Disaster SNAP Mainframe Application
6 Dept. of Human Services Mainframe Migration Assessment
7 Dept. of Transportation Roadway Information Management System Replacement
8 Dept. of Human Services Child Welfare Mainframe System Migration
9 Dept. of Public Instruction Early Childhood Integrated Data System Expansion
10 Dept. of Human Services Master Client Index Assessment

final report/dashboard is available containing additional details.

Per records retention policy, IT plan information three years prior to the current one are deleted.