What is GovDelivery?

GovDelivery® is a web-based email and text messaging (SMS) subscription management system that will provide a member of the public the ability to subscribe to news and information updates. Subscribers can customize and manage their subscription profile to receive exactly the type of information that they desire, and they can cancel their subscriptions at any time. Whenever information on a topic is made available, users that have subscribed will receive an email / text message (SMS) based off the selections that they have made.

What can GovDelivery do for you?

GovDelivery provides agencies with the ability to build and maintain subscription lists (called topics within GovDelivery).  Lists that you are currently managing with email groups, LISTSERV, excel or some other means can all be easily setup and merged into GovDelivery.  Below are some of the base features that are available within GovDelivery:

  1. Create topics.
  2. Create categories for topics to allow organizing topics into like sections.
  3. Control which topics allow for the public subscription and which topics will have the subscriber list managed by the agency.
  4. Allows for users (public) to subscribe to listed topics.
  5. Ability to manually create and send topic bulletins or use RSS feeds to automatically send bulletins.
  6. Ability to create newsletters from custom templates.
  7. Flexibility to assign staff to manage the account, specific topics, or categories of topics.
  8. API options to allow for software application integration.
  9. Clean-up of defunct subscribers.
  10. Reports and Analytics
    1. See agency reports containing details on account performance, network details, admin usage, as well as specific bulletin and subscriber reports.
    2. Summary and detailed reports on specific bulletins.
      1. Results of send to subscribers.
      2. Delivery success
      3. View of bulletin sent.

GovDelivery Contract Details

You can view the ND State Enterprise Contract for GovDelivery on the OMB State Procurement Online Portal (  Click on the link ‘List State Contracts’ and type ‘GovDelivery’ into Contract Name and click the button ‘Search by Contract’.  The Contract Name is ‘Digital Communication Management (GovDelivery)’ and is contract number 476.

What Add-ons available with GovDelivery

NDIT, through the assistance of OMB, has entered a GovDelivery State Enterprise Contract with Granicus.  As part of the contract there is an option for additional add-ons.  Each agency is responsible for covering the costs of the add-ons.  There is a yearly fee that the agency will be responsible for paying Granicus.

Advanced Package (Campaigns)

What features are available with Advanced Package:

  1. Welcome and re-engagement campaigns.
  2. Targeted drip campaigns
  3. Dynamic segmentation
  4. A/B testing

Targeted Messaging Service (TMS)

TMS provides you with the ability to end focused messages to a specific group using an API.  Using a separate software application or tool you can communicate with the API and send to a specific list of subscribers that you have identified.  You can send emails and text messages.  TMS provides you with reporting capabilities, but you are better off using your separate software to capture the results of the message you have sent.  You can determine if the message was sent successfully to the specific subscriber and if not receive a response back as to why the communication was not successfully sent.

How do I request additional information about GovDelivery?

To get details on costs, learn more about GovDelivery or to request a demo, submit a Generic Request in the NDIT Self Service Portal.