What is PrinterLogic?

PrinterLogic is a simple, scalable, cloud native direct IP printing platform hosted by Vasion that eliminates the need for print servers.  The product is being implemented to improve customer print experience, stabilize the print environment, simplify management, migration, and deployment of printers, and to increase the security posture of the state print environment.

Who will this impact?

All the DAAS agencies that NDIT provides technology support to.  KB0014660 contains a more detailed list of the agencies affected.  There are a few exceptions, for instance, central duplication is currently out of scope until additional testing can be completed.

What is the cost?

NDIT is not charging the agencies for this change.

PrinterLogic FAQs:


NDIT plans to remove the old print queues after the go live date for your agency.  Anything that was manually installed on your computer will remain, but everything that came from one of the NDIT print servers will be removed.  The old print servers the print queues were on will also be removed once the implementation has been completed.

The printers will be renamed based on a standard template. However, the old, familiar queue names will still be visible within the portal.

Basic naming template:

  • Agency-City-Building-Floor-Printer Number
  • The campus may be included between the city and building if there are multiple buildings at a specific location.
    • i.e.  HHS-JAMES-SH-LRC-FL01-01

Suffix used for special cases:

  • BLK – black
  • CLR – color
  • LBL – label
  • PLOT – plotter
  • SPC – specialty

Other common abbreviations used:

  • FL - floor
  • GR – ground floor
  • BSMT – basement

We are creating a deployment group for each printer that we enroll.  If you are a member of that group, you will get the printer automatically.  If no printers show up automatically, try right clicking the PrinterLogic client icon in the system tray and clicking ‘Refresh Configurations’.  If they are still missing, then you will have to manually install the printer(s).

Each printer has a deployment group assigned with a similar name as the printer.  We would need a ‘Maintain Active Directory Groups’ request in Service-Now to add or remove members to the group.  KB0014994 can provide instructions on how to submit this request, or you can use the example below.

  • Go to the service-now portal.
  • Enter your email if prompted.
  • Click ‘Submit a Service Request’.
  • Under the ‘ID, Accounts, and Access’ section, click ‘Maintain Active Directory Groups’.
  • For Type choose ‘Add or Remove Members’.
  • For Domain choose ‘NDGOV’.
  • For Select Group enter the name of the security group for your printer.  
    • The only difference in the security group and the printer’s name is the addition of PL after the agency acronym.
    • Example, if the printers name is HHS-JAMES-SC-FL01-01, the security group would be HHS-PL-JAMES-SC-FL01-01
  • If you are adding employees enter their names under the ‘Members to Add’ section.
  • If you are removing employees enter their names under the ‘Members to Remove’ section.  
    • This will not remove the printer from their computer, if that also needs to be done please note the in the comment section.
  • Click Submit.

You can follow the steps in this guide, KB0016831, to install a printer using the PrinterLogic portal.  

The client will only be deployed to those locations that have been transitioned to use PrinterLogic.  If the rest of your department has the client installed on their computers reach out to the service desk, and we will investigate why it was not installed on your computer.

You can follow the steps in this guide, KB0016862, to install the Firefox, Microsoft Edge, or Chrome browser extension that allows you to use the PrinterLogic portal.  

There could be a few different things to check.  

  • Make sure that your computer is on the network:
    • Plugged directly into the network while on-site with a cable.
    • Connected to Stagenet-Member Wi-Fi.
    • On the VPN (Global Protect) when off-site.
  • Make sure that the printer is plugged into the network and has an activity light blinking on the network port.
  • If the printer was replaced recently, the driver may need to be updated.
    • First, go to the PrinterLogic icon in the system tray, right click it, and choose refresh configurations.
    • Once that is done, try printing again.
  • Some programs will not use a new printer if the program was open while the printer was installed.  Closing and reopening that program could allow it to print.  Adobe Acrobat/Reader is a good example of this.  
  • If it still will not print, contact the service desk.

  • Clear your browser cache then refresh the PrinterLogic Portal. 
    • For instructions on How To Clear Browser Cache, follow KB0014052.
  • You may not be in a group allowing access to the printers.
    • For new employees, check with your supervisor to make sure all appropriate requests have been completed.
    • For current employees, contact the service desk or submit a task in Service-Now to look into why they are missing from the portal.
  • Network access is required to install and print to the devices.
    • If on-site, make sure you have a valid connection with the cable or the member wi-fi.
    • If off-site, make sure you have connected to the VPN software.

If it is a network printer, a ‘Printer Addition/Removal’ request in service-now will have to be completed in order to have it added to PrinterLogic, Managed Print Services, or both, depending on what is required.

  • Go to the service-now portal.
  • Enter your email if prompted.
  • Click ‘Submit a Service Request’.
  • Under the ‘Computer Equipment and Software’ section, click ‘Printer Addition/Removal’.
  • Under Request Type enter the appropriate request type, for this case, choose ‘New Printer’.
  • Fill in the information requested on the form, including the serial number if known.
  • Then click Submit.
  • Someone from NDIT may respond with follow-up questions.

  • The message indicates that the PrinterLogic client has connected to our identity provider, Azure, granting you access to the portal.
  • No, this message cannot be disabled. 

How to view installed printers

How to view installed printers

How to set default printer using PrinterLogic

How to set default printer using PrinterLogic