What is it: 

BA Services for new or modernized IT systems focus on understanding strategy, business requirements, and potential solutions resulting in real options agency's can evaluate against their need and budget.

What do you get with the service: 

  • Strategy Analysis- Strategy Analysis consists of analyzing current state, defining future state, assessing risks, and defining a change strategy. These steps typically generate deliverables such as solution scope documentation, gap analysis, effective change strategy to name a few.
  • Requirement Analysis- Requirement Analysis typically consists of verifying and validating business requirements ensuring they are in appropriate format for the project, so that design and solution value can be assessed. These deliverables are the requirements that solution team uses to build out any additional functional or technical requirements is the basis for evaluating value when comparing solution options.
  • Solution Evaluation-Solution evaluation is where the BA measures and analyzes the performance of the solution against the business requirements. They provide feedback on how well the chosen solution provides value and can provide recommendations on ways to further increase solution value.

How do you request service:

This service would be included in a larger IT project submission or an Initiative Intake Request.

Billing model:

The hourly BA rate is $125 per hour via a signed Statement of Work that has the total number of hours and total estimate for the cost.