What is a Statewide IT Plan? 

Statewide IT Planning (SWITP) is a legislatively mandated process managed by NDIT through which state agencies establish objectives for technology activities that are in line with their strategic goals. 

Every biennium the technology professionals within North Dakota state government (including technology agencies that support the K-12 educational system), and the North Dakota University System (NDUS) jointly produce a Statewide Information Technology (IT) Plan. This plan is intended to provide a broad understanding of technology goals, objectives and initiatives for the coming biennium, as well as provide a snapshot of key activities that have been completed and that are ongoing.

What you will find in the Statewide IT Plan: 

A single, interactive dashboard displays a “whole of government” view of this information for state agencies (including those that support K-12 education), and the Higher Education system. Additionally, the executive summary that follows summarizes the key strategic themes for those entities.

  • Executive Summary
  • IT Goals
  • Dashboard

Overview of the 2023-2025 Statewide IT Planning Process

  • The plan will still be published via a web site, which will include data presented in a dashboard format
  • NDIT will notify agencies of the details of how the IT planning process works for the 2023-2025 biennium beginning in late March/April 2022
  • IT Planning Consultants from NDIT will schedule meetings with Agency Staff beginning in April/May 2022
  • Participants have until August 15, 2022, to enter new data, and to update existing data, into the data gathering tool
  • Major IT projects go through the SITAC ranking/prioritization process in September/October 2022
  • The Statewide IT Plan is published online prior to the beginning of the legislative session

When you are ready to plan, a detailed description of the planning process and requirements is available within -Tm-IT-Statewide-IT-Planning. 

IT Plan Exemption Requests

Although it is required by North Dakota Century Code to participate in the statewide IT planning process, an agency may request an exemption from the process. Additionally, if agency staff cannot submit their planning documentation by August 15, 2022, then they may request a planning due-date extension. The following form may be used for either of these requests:

Request for Exemption from Information Technology Standards or Statutory Requirements

The form may be submitted to your assigned planning consultant, who will route through the appropriate review process. Please note that requesting an exemption or extension is not guaranteed to be granted. Please plan appropriately.

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