Executive Summary

A successful technology enterprise must be both strong and flexible, able to stand firm and withstand challenges such as cyber attacks or pandemics and, at the same time, nimbly adjust to accommodate constantly changing needs and circumstances. When that enterprise serves an entire state, the stakes are high. Citizens and the government agencies that serve them must be able to rely on the technology in place to make government more accessible, responsive, accountable, and secure.

World Map with data linesNorth Dakota’s technology enterprise proved ready and resilient in 2021, even as intensive  challenges continued. The state moved forward with initiatives to bolster state networks and strengthen security, while also meeting citizen’s needs for information and services.

NDIT is being asked to help lead the state’s efforts to reinvent government through technology, to provide policy guidance and expertise and to identify opportunities to help agencies do business as effectively and efficiently as possible – to ask “how might we”? by identifying emerging technologies and best practices that can help us lead the nation as a world-class service provider – and innovator.  

We continue to maintain focus on serving North Dakotans, protecting state systems and data, and supporting state agencies' in their use of technology. You will find more about those efforts, along with the state’s technology accomplishments and activities in the 2021-2022 NDIT Annual Report.

Shawn Riley CIO profile 2021

I hope you find the report informative as we attempt to meet our purpose to empower people, improve lives, and inspire success across the state of North Dakota.


Shawn Riley