IT Services and Support for NDIT Customers:

North Dakota Information Technology provides 24/7 support for agency business partners, IT staff and employees of Team ND. Authorized users can get help with their computer or devices, report technical issues, order or change services, and more online through the NDIT Self Service Portal.


Submit Incident

Submit an incident when you need help from NDIT to fix something broken. 

Example incidents: 

  • Account is locked
  • Teams will not load
  • Browser is not printing correctly


Submit Request

Submit a request when you want need something new, make a change, or delete something with IT. 

Example requests: 

  • Add a user's picture in Outlook/Teams
  • Order a cell phone
  • Replace a keyboard, mouse, laptop, etc. 
  • Add or remove email groups or users

Contact Service Desk

The NDIT Service Desk is here to help 24/7! Call us at (701) 328-4470 or (877) 328-4470. 


Legacy Submit Request

We've moved to a new system for tracking requests. However, we understand some users still need to access our legacy system. Click here to access our legacy system for submitting requests in WMS.