What is it? 

NDIT provides review, consultation, and general assistance to North Dakota state agencies regarding IT procurement and contracting best practices.   NDIT collaborates with OMB State Procurement, OMB Risk Management and the Office of Attorney General to develop RFP and contract templates and best practices related to technology procurements.

Planning for an IT Purchase

If you have a IT business need or are planning an IT procurement, submit a Initiative Intake Request and a NDIT Technology Business Partner (TBP) will contact you. NDIT will help you determine if your business needs can be met by an existing IT source or new IT procurement.

Before starting an IT procurement, the following activities may need to be performed depending on the cost and complexity of the procurement:

  • Market research
  • Business Process Modeling (BPM)
  • Business analysis to create outcome-focused requirements

IT Review

NDIT is responsible for reviewing and approving the acquisition of technology by state agencies, as defined in ND Century Code (Chapter 54-59-05). To fulfill this obligation, agencies must initiate an IT Review for all new IT procurements. 

The IT Review may consist of the following:

  • Cataloging the IT Solution
  • Evaluating and tracking compliance with the IT Standards​
  • Assessing consistency with enterprise architecture
  • Verifying if Third-Party Risk Management (TPRM) applies
  • Confirming adherence to IT procurement best practices

IT Procurement Processes

Any IT acquisition/purchase - Initiate IT Review

Competitive Solicitations - Use IT Templates for Levels 2, 3, 4, & Major IT

  1. Initiate IT Review
  2. Collaborate with NDIT and SPO to draft the solicitation using the latest IT Solicitation Templates
  3. Release of approved solicitation via SPO Online
  4. Evaluate proposed solutions – Business and IT perspectives
  5. Select solution, subject to NDIT Approval
  6. Notice of Intent to Award
  7. Contract Negotiations
    • NDIT Review of Contract and SOW
    • Collaborate with SPO Procurement, Legal Counsel and OMB Risk Management, as needed
  8. Contract Execution

Alternate Procurement (AP)

  1. Initiate IT Review
  2. Submit request using State Procurement Work Request System
  3. If approved, Contract Negotiations
    • NDIT Review of Contract and SOW
    • Collaborate with SPO Procurement, Legal Counsel, and OMB Risk Management, as needed
  4. Contract Execution

IT Projects Procurements

IT purchases that occur within the context of IT Projects may trigger additional requirements that the agency must follow per the Project Management for Information Technology Standard.

Projects Over $500,000

  • Collaboration between the agency, NDIT, and OMB, in consultation with the Attorney General is required on the procurement, contract negotiations, and contract administration
  • Executive Steering Committee (ESC) is established to oversee the project per NDCC § 54-59-32
  • Contract and amendments must be signed by agency head and NDIT Chief Information Officer or respective designees

How do you request Service? 

Agencies may email to request a procurement review, templates or general IT procurement assistance.