What is it? 

NDIT provides review, consultation, and general assistance to North Dakota state agencies regarding IT procurement and contracting best practices. NDIT is responsible for reviewing and approving the acquisition of technology by state agencies, as defined in ND Century Code (Chapter 54-59-05).  NDIT collaborates with OMB State Procurement, OMB Risk Management and the Office of Attorney General to develop RFP and contract templates and best practices related to technology procurements.

IT Procurement Standards and Exception Requests

NDIT reviews and approves technology related procurements that are $25,000 and over. Primary review criteria includes compliance with state enterprise architecture standards and consistency with an agency's technology plan. NDIT and OMB review and approve requests to host IT solutions outside of the consolidated infrastructure hosted by NDIT. In addition on large IT projects greater than $500,000 the State's procurement collaboration process (IT Procurement Collaboration Process Diagram) is followed.

How do you request Service? 

Agencies may email to request a procurement review, templates or general IT procurement assistance.