What is it?

Business Intelligence is a service that helps agencies make faster and better decisions by using data. It enables organizations to spot patterns and trends in their data, easily access and visualize the information they need, and combine data from multiple sources to gain a comprehensive understanding of their business operations. 

What do you get with the service? 

  • Data Architecture and Infrastructure
    • Defining an overall strategy and best practices when approaching a data project.
  • Data Ingestion
    • Gather the data you need from internal or external sources and present it in one location for easier consumption.
    • Automated refreshes that are monitored to ensure you are using the latest data in your decision making.
  • Data Transformation
    • Assists the business users by transforming the raw data into an easier to use form.
    • Data quality rules can be applied to improve the quality of your data.
  • Data Modeling
    • Creates a blueprint for how your data is organized and connected.
    • Helps less technical users understand the data that is available for them to use and its relationship to other data.
    • Allows for easier growth if new data sources become available.
  • Data Visualizations
    • Show your data in ways that are meaningful and provide insights to aid in decision making.
    • Easily share your findings internally or externally.
    • We encourage self-service reporting and data analysis and are here to support your efforts.

How to request service: 

NDIT’s Self Service Portal may be used to submit an “Initiative Intake" service request for new projects and initiatives.  

NDIT’s Self Service Portal may be used to submit an “Generic" service request for maintenance or changes to an existing solution.