What is it?

Master Data Management (MDM) compares client records from disparate systems and links them together, creating a Master Demographic Record for each citizen receiving state services.

A variety of systems scattered throughout ND State Government contain information about the clients they serve. Each of these systems maintains its own copy of demographic data, which inevitably differs from system to system. MDM utilizes IBM's Initiate Master Data Service to score, match, and consolidate data into a single record.

NOTE: MDM is the evolution of what was historically referred to as Master Client Index (MCI).

What do you get with the service? 

  • Creates a single Master Demographic Record for each client that contains the most current data from all matched systems
  • Improves data quality by identifying and correcting data inconsistencies between systems and data duplications within systems
  • Ensures ongoing control of data though established data governance practices that store and maintain items in a consistent fashion/format across all systems
  • Enables sharing of data throughout state government by storing demographic information in a common repository

How do you request service

If your agency is interested in requesting MDM services or adding a new application, the NDIT’s Self Service Portal may be used to submit a generic request with “Master Data Management (MDM)” in the description and any other details you wish to include.

Enterprise Architects will review your request and contact you to get started. 


Billing for this service is based on a per record basis at the rate of $0.0173/record.

For more billing information, please visit the NDIT Billing Page