NDIT supported agencies can purchase the below technology items themselves, thus cutting red-tape and reducing the number of state staff involved in the purchasing and billing back of external agency property. NDIT will support the IT computer-related equipment on this list and assist with installation if needed (Submit a ServiceNow Generic Desktop Support request for installation assistance). Any IT equipment purchases that do not follow the guidelines below may result in limited support. If there is a need for something that is not on the list below, please submit a ServiceNow Generic Desktop Support service request asking for hardware recommendations.

Adhere to State procurement thresholds posted on ND Government Procurement Page.

OMB's state procurement page: OMB ND Procurement

State Contracts List: ND State Contracts


Logitech C920sScanJet Enterprise 5000 s5
Any Webcam 
*Recommended – Logitech C920s* 

High Speed Scanners

*Recommended - HP ScanJet Enterprise 5000 s5*

E14Specialty keyboard

Portable Monitor

*Recommended - HP E14 Portable Monitor*


Specialty Keyboards


Generic Specialty Mouse15 Foot DisplayPort
Specialty Mice

Cables/adapters longer than 6 foot in length

*NDIT techs will help guide purchase*


Topaz T-S460Dymo Label Printer

Any Signature Pad

*Recommended - Topaz T-S460 Electronic Signature Pad*


Label Printers

*Recommended - Dymo Label Printers*

Logitech S150Yei Blue Mic


*Recommended - Logitech branded speakers - S150*

Logitech branded standalone microphone - Blue Yeti X

*Stay away from Bluetooth*



Any model outside the 3 set standard should work with NDIT's systems.
*Note - Stay away from Bluetooth* 


Office Supplies

Label TapeMousepad
Label Tape ReplacementsKaeyboard/Mouse Pads
Office ChairBatteries
Desk chairsBatteries
Privacy ScreenPhone Case

Privacy screens

*Note - NDIT provides 24-inch monitors standard*

Phone/Laptop cases (after initial order)
Phone ChargerVaridesk
Phone chargers (after initial order)Varidesks
Thumb DriveUSB Hub

Thumb Drives/External Hard Drives

*Note - Required to follow Security Policy*

  • Needs to be password protected
  • Needs the ability to auto wipe 5 bad password attempts
USB Hubs
BackpackKuando Busy Light
Backpacks/Laptop bags

Free/Busy Lights

*Recommended - Kuando Busylight UC Alpha*

Monitor armsCable management
Monitor ArmsCable Management clips/sleeves