What is it? 

The Application Development teams offer a wide range of professional services related to the development and maintenance of software applications.  Dependent on the specifics, we work closely with the business and NDIT Business Analysts to understand the challenges and help identify the best solution that will fit the business need.  Whether building and maintaining custom solutions in a variety of platforms or assisting with the procurement and configuration of a COTS solution, our knowledgeable staff are motivated to deliver results and a positive customer experience. 

What do you get with the service? 

  • Low-code/no-code solutions 

    • This alternative development approach leverages an existing platform provided graphical interface and gives the ability to quickly build applications and automate business processes without having to write code line by line. 

  • Automation using Robotic Process Automation (RPA) 

    • RPA is the building and deploying of a software robot that emulates human workers interacting with digital systems and software.  Designed primarily for office-type functions, RPA works like a digital assistant, doing routine onerous tasks that would otherwise eat up employees’ time. 

  • Custom application development and maintenance 

    • Our teams have years of experience building and maintaining custom business applications that meet our customer’s business objectives and requirements.   

  • Standard and custom website creation 

    • NDIT offers website development and maintenance using our standard State Website Platform (SWP) model as well as custom development when necessary to meet business needs. 

How do you request service? 

NDIT Application Development takes in requests for work in 2 ways, dependent upon the nature of the work… 

  • Maintenance and Operations work 

    • Routine maintenance and enhancements to an existing application that do not require new technology can be requested directly from the assigned Product Owner for your respective application.  

  • New Project work 

    • For any type of work request that is related to starting up a new project, a new project, a new business/process analysis, or the need for IT strategic planning, please fill out an Initiative Intake Form through the State’s service portal