Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are designed to manage and improve upon the established levels of service between NDIT and its customers. Typically, SLAs generate:

  • An understanding of the customer’s business processes and drivers
  • An acceptance of the benefits from early discussions regarding future changes to services
  • Constructive discussions on better ways of meeting customer needs

NDIT’s SLAs are being published in layers. At the highest tier, an Enterprise Service Level Agreement exists for elements that most of NDIT’s services have in common, such as incident management, request fulfillment, escalation, formal complaints, service level objectives, and much more. Next, the Hosting Service Level Agreement describes the basic functions of application and data hosting. Ultimately, a subsequent agreement will exist for most of NDIT's Services.

The IT Coordinators Council provides a collaborative forum for NDIT and its customers to review, modify, and agree upon the terms of each SLA.