2023 year-to-date, the cybersecurity team has:

  • Prevented or detected 509,000,000 network threats.
  • Defended against more than 4,000,000 malware, phishing, and spam messages.
  • Investigated over 1,500,000 alerts.
  • Resolved over 52,000 security incidents.
  • Performed risk assessments on nearly 100 third-party vendors hosting or transmitting state data.

Project Highlights

At NDIT we provide support for a diverse range of initiatives, projects, and teams. Below are a few highlights from 2022-2023

IT Performance Dashboard- Implementation of the IT Performance Dashboard, a management operating system providing real-time visibility into state IT projects, employee experience in consuming IT services to foster transparency and accountability for both NDIT and partner agencies.

Removal of SITAC Committee- HB1159 moved the responsibility of ranking IT projects into the hands of the CIO with reporting responsibility to the interim Legislative IT Committee. This ultimately cuts red tape and streamlined large IT project approvals for agencies.

ServiceNow integration with MS Teams- With this integration you will be able to chat directly with the customer, and have the record automatically upload into the incident. This ensures government employees can easily communicate and access IT services within the collaboration environment they are already accustomed to.

Business Gateway- NDIT is starting the journey on a business gateway for the State of North Dakota.  This initiative is a first of a kind within North Dakota, where we are transforming our interaction with our businesses and citizen stakeholders. The aim is to simplify the interaction with State Government and look at the experience from the perspective of the end user instead of each individual program or system that accomplishes a task.

VANTIS Program- NDIT, in partnership with the VANTIS program, is the first State in the nation to partner with federal aviation agencies and enter the testing phases for the exchange of data to support the BVLOS testing in our State.

Digital Equity- North Dakota has pioneered unparalleled educational technology services, recognizing that digital equity extends beyond infrastructure to ease of access. This year, the implementation of ClassLink for statewide single sign-on and analytics has significantly enhanced access to educational tools, saving time for students, parents, teachers, and technology staff. The analytics component provides insights into individual student success factors and aids in informed budget decisions for educational technology at the school level.

Bill Signing of HB1398- This bill makes ND the first State to require Cybersecurity and Computer Science credits for high school graduation. Burgum said HB 1398 was in keeping with his administration's emphasis on developing student and citizen knowledge of computer science and cybersecurity, which he described as "one of the most pressing issues that we have in North Dakota."

SB2073- This bill allows NDIT to provide IT services to tribal nations should they choose to utilize the services

Service Desk

  • NDIT resolved 120,249 Incidents
  • NDIT resolved 49,000 Requests
  • Average Customer Satisfaction Score of 9.55
  • Throughout the year, NDIT resolution time decreased from 1,025 minutes to 699 minutes.
  • The average wait time for the Service Desk was 23 seconds, the call handled rate was 94.5%.
  • 86% of our customers are satisfied with desktops, laptops, mobile devices, etc.

Additional Accomplishments

  • Enhanced Microsoft Dynamics 2.0
  • Development of the Apprenticeship program and approval for 6 Full Time Positions.
  • Launched Jotforms as an Enterprise Data Collection tool.
  • Implemented the Statewide Interoperable Radio Network (SIRN) equipment within all Department of Corrections and Rehab facilities.
  • Onboarded 7 additional agencies into NDIT Desktop as a Service
  • NDIRF offers discounts for North Dakota cities, counties, and school districts that implement State of ND cyber tools.
  • NDIT collaborates with Health and Human Services to develop a better solution for TANF, SNAP, and Medicaid applications and benefits to be submitted.
  • ND first state-developed digital credential publishing application for high school transcripts as a verifiable credential launched.
  • Cisco Networking Academy to offer skills training to all North Dakotans.
  • In collaboration with Game and Fish, NDIT helped support the Tagged Fish Reporting application where anglers can help fisheries managers by reporting information from any tagged fish they catch.
  • NDIT worked with the child support office to create a BOT to manage documents. Starting in April 2022 until now, the BOT has processed 2849 filings, saving about $35,000.