What is it? 

Hosting is running and maintaining a computer system or application on someone's behalf; typically within a modern datacenter. NDIT hosts most of the enterprise systems leveraged by Services and Statewide Alliances.

What do you get with the service? 

  • Installation and configuration of hardware and software
  • Application upgrades and security fixes
  • 24x7x365 on call.
  • 24x7x365 server monitoring
  • Daily backups
  • Disaster recovery options

Additional Services

  • Application Server- provides the ability to request adds/changes/deletions to agency specific server applications and/or enterprise server applications.  
    • Disk Storage & Backup
  • Hosting Platforms- (Intel, AS/400, Mainframe)
  • Web Servers- (Websphere, .NET, IIS, Apache)
  • Databases- (Oracle, SQL, DB2, ADABAS, MySQL)
  • File & Print- provides the ability to add/change/delete file or printer share
  • Datacenter Space Rental-
    • Raised floor, conditioned power data center equipped with redundant generator and UPS systems that provide availability during power outages.
    • Redundant heating/cooling systems maintain a room temperature of 72°F and humidity level of 40%. Environmental conditions are monitored 24-hours x 365.
    • Fire detection and Novec 1230 suppression systems.
    • Monitored access key-card system for physical security.
    • Video surveillance cameras to monitor activity in the entire room.

How to requesting service:

NDIT’s Self Service Portal may be used to submit a Service Request for the following services:

  • The "Application Server" request can be used for: 
    • Application Server
    • Disk Storage & Backup
    • Hosting Platforms
    • Web Servers
  • The " Database Change" request can be used for: 
    • Databases
  • The "File Sharing" "Print Sharing" request can be used for: 
    • File and Print
  • The "Generic Service" request can be used for: 
    • Datacenter Space Rental

Setup time will depend upon the application being installed. Please involve NDIT early in the project's planning phase to ensure a timely installation of non-production and production environments.


For more billing information, please visit the NDIT Billing Page and the Projected Data Processing Rates document. 

Hosting Benefits

Despite the remarkable transformation of the state IT enterprise over the past decade, states can be even more responsive and more capable in delivering services and protecting the states’ data systems and information. That capacity rests critically on the task of reengineering business processes and eliminating redundancies whenever possible. State CIOs have seized on the potential for galvanizing the state IT enterprise to produce better results and reduce costs by engaging in consolidation of state data centers for optimizing the physical infrastructure and to streamline business functions (Source: NASCIO’s Survey on Enterprise Data Center Consolidation in the States: Strategies & Business Justification.)

Service Level Agreements

For more information about the NDIT Service Level Agreements, visit the SLA webpage