State Media Library


What is it? 

The State Media Library is a partnership among agencies to centrally store and share thousands of digital assets (photos, videos, audio clips) for use internally and publicly. 

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What do you get with the service?

  • Unlimited user accounts
  • Granular permissions to control by individual or group who can view, download, and share assets
  • Single sign on with NDGOV accounts
  • Embed assets and slideshows in external websites
  • Resize, crop, and change file format during download
  • Advanced metadata tagging to manage large asset collections
  • Create asset collections to be shared internally or externally, via a link or email attachment
  • Crowdsourcing through citizen or employee submitted assets


  • All agencies and the public can view and download assets, or submit one-off assets to the library, for free.
  • Agencies that wish to have their own storage space and user groups pay $255/mo. 

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