What is it? 

The North Dakota State Media Library is a partnership among agencies to centrally store and share thousands of high-resolution photos and video assets available at no charge for non-commercial and non-political purposes. Instructions on how to use the State Media Library.

Visit The State Media Library

What do you get with the service?

  • Unlimited user accounts
  • Granular permissions to control by individual or group who can view, download, and share assets
  • Single sign on with NDGOV accounts
  • Embed assets and slideshows in external websites
  • Resize, crop, and change file format during download
  • Advanced metadata tagging to manage large asset collections
  • Create asset collections to be shared internally or externally, via a link or email attachment
  • Crowdsourcing through citizen or employee submitted assets


  • All agencies and the public can view and download assets, or submit one-off assets to the library, for free.
  • Agencies that wish to house owned content and control user groups may purchase this functionality at a starting rate of $367/mo for 100 GB of storage space. This includes unlimited user licenses. Additional storage may be purchased at a rate of approximately 0.08 per GB, per month. The base fee of $367 includes unlimited licensing which could be reduced as more agencies use the service to house content.
  • Renewals, storage allocation and billing adjustments are performed each year by March 25th.

Other Resources

Photo Credit

Photos are for noncommercial purposes only. They may not be resold or copyrighted; used in paid advertising; or used in materials promoting private, for-profit businesses, unless written authorization is received from the State. Please note individual asset information for any additional restrictions that may apply. The print-quality photos in the gallery are not to be altered in any way without the consent of North Dakota Media Library managers.

Additionally, photo credit must be given for each instance. Credit can be given in many ways, for example, text over the top of or below an image, a credit listing in a publication, in file metadata, or in the file name.

Do I need to give photo credit for state-owned media assets?

No, ND State agencies that use state-owned media assets do NOT have to give credit.

Do I need to give credit for photographer-owned media assets?

Yes, any photographer-owned image must be given credit.

Do I need to give credit for partner source media assets?

Yes, any partner source image must be given credit.

Examples of how to give photo credit:


Credit may be given by caption – layered on top of an image, placed directly above, below or on the side.

National Park Service, Dave Bruner

Web Use – Metadata

Credit may be given in the metadata.

Screen shot of inserting an image in Drupal. Add text to the Alternative Text box.