Voice services include dial tone and telephone support as well as consulting, design, and engineering of voice technologies and applications.

Available Services

Requesting Service

NDIT’s Self Service Portal may be used to submit a Telephone Services - Individual or Telephone Services - Call Center, Call Queue, and Auto Attendant service request. 

NDIT's Enterprise Service Level Agreement includes Service Level Objectives and Standard Intervals for Request Fulfillment.


For more billing information, please visit the NDIT Billing Page and the Telecommunication Rates document. 



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Automated Attendant

An Automated attendant automatically answers incoming calls and presents customers with a previously recorded menu allowing them to select options and route themselves to certain numbers or recorded messages.

Automated attendant allows callers to be automatically transferred to an extension without intervention. Automated attendants can be a simple menu or an auto attendant may also allow a caller to reach a live operator by dialing a number.

 The following lists common routing steps that are components of an automated attendant:

  • Play Announcement/Menu
  • Transfer to Extension
  • Transfer to Voicemail
  • Repeat Choices

In addition, an Automated Attendant would be expected to have values for the following

  • Timeout - what to do if the caller does nothing
  • Default mailbox - where to send calls  unanswered (or is not pointing to a live person)

The auto attendants can allow for time of day routing, as well as weekend and holiday routing.

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Call Center

A call center is designed to receive large volumes of requests by telephone.

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In Anywhere365, a UCC (Universal Contact Center) is a queue of interactions (voice, email, IM, etc.) that are handled by agents. Each UCC has its own settings, IVR menus and agents. Agents can belong to one or several UCCs and can have multiple skills (competencies). UCC calls are routed between the call center agents based on priority, skill level, availability and/or time idle. Each call center agent logs into the queue each morning and logs out of the queue at the end of the work day using the Snapper application. Real time and historical statistics are available on both call center agent as well as the UCC queue. Agents answer UCC calls using the Teams application on the PC, enhancing mobility and functionality. Physical Yealink desk phones running the Teams application may also be used.

Anywhere365 Snapper Software 8.7.4

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Calls are routed evenly between the call center agents based on priority, skill level, availability and/or time idle. Each call center agent logs into the queue each morning and logs out of the queue at the end of the work day. Real time and historical statistics are available on both the call center agent as well as the call center queue. Agents can answer calls using One-X Agent softphone client to answer phones using the client on the PC enhancing mobility and functionality.

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Avaya Call Management System

The Avaya Call Management System (CMS) is an analysis and reporting program offering real time monitoring, historical reporting, custom reporting, task scheduling, exception notification and threshold warning, administration and configuration, and long term data storage for your Avaya call center.


CMS Supervisor Set Up File

Install Instructions


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Call Recording

Call Recording captures inbound and/or outbound telephone conversations for playback, quality management, and archiving. Call recording can be set to always on or on-demand.

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Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is a self-service system that enables callers to navigate voice prompts using their telephone keypad or voice command to navigate menus to obtain information or process a transaction.


  • Calls are answered on the first ring
  • Most calls can be systematically processed, freeing support staff to focus on non-typical requests 
  • Callers may be serviced 24-hours a day
  • Satisfaction levels for both callers and support staff typically increases 
  • Multilingual support is easily facilitated
  • Applications can be developed to respond to touchtone, voice recognition, or both.


  • Applications are developed to customer specific business needs.
  • The system can retrieve and verify user specific information.
  • Callers unable to complete self-service requests can be transferred to the call center with a user specific screen pop to the call center agent.
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Interpretation Services

Over-the-Phone Language Interpretation is the facilitating of verbal communication, either simultaneously or consecutively, between users of different languages. The State of North Dakota is utilizing an interpretation service called CTS LanguageLink. This telephone interpretation service offers more than 240 languages and dialects. It is accessible 24 hours a day and costs $0.57 per minute.

Requesting Service

Call (877) 650-8027

Provide the Call Center Service Representative with:

  • Account Number (Contact the Service Desk)
  • Your Full Name
  • Your Department Number
  • Language needed

LanguageLink also gives agencies the option to place an outbound call to a third party domestically at no additional charge.

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Long Distance/Toll Free

Long Distance/Toll Free options exist for distributing the cost associated with telephone usage.

Long Distance

Outbound long distance refers to telephone calls made outside your home calling area. Domestic long distance calls are calls made within the originating country and usually carry per minute or per call charges, which vary between long distance providers. International calls are long distance calls that are made between different countries and usually carry higher charges than domestic calls.

Toll Free

Inbound long distance, also known as toll-free calling, is a service that provides the callers with a toll-free number (a number beginning with 800, 888, 877, and 866) that allows them to reach businesses and/or individuals without being charges for the call. The charge for using this toll-free number is paid by the party being called, not the calling party.

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NDIT provides our customers analog and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephone services. Analog services are provided only when required for transmission over an analog medium (fax, modem, TDD, etc.). VoIP telephones differ from conventional telephones in that they use the Internet or local data network to transmit the voice signal. 

NDIT also installs landlines (physical connections between two telephones or devices) in remote areas where IP service is not available.

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Phone Information
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Teams Voice Headsets

Agencies may request headsets for use with the Teams Voice by submitting a Desktop Support - Hardware request on the NDIT Self Service Portal

Poly Wired Headsets

  • Poly Blackwire 5210 (one-ear wired)

            Text, whiteboard

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  • Poly Blackwire 5220 (two-ear wired)

           A pair of headphones

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  • Poly Blackwire 5200 Series Features
    • Ideal for all-day use, long conference calls and listening to multimedia
    • Noise canceling microphone masks nearby talkers for maximum call privacy
    • Available in two ear over-the-head design (Blackwire 5210) or one ear over-the-head design (Blackwire 5220)
    • Includes universal USB connector
    • One-touch call answer/end, volume +/- and mute
    • PC wideband audio with noise-canceling microphones for high-quality PC telephony
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Avaya Desktop Phone Headsets

Agencies may purchase alternate headsets for desktop phones.  Below are headsets that are compatible with the Avaya phones.

Poly Wireless Headsets

  • Any CS500 series wireless headset is supported
  • Add an APV-63 cord for hook switch control (EHS)
  • Base settings 2 or 3, A, 3
  • P Voyager Bluetooth is not officially supported although it seems to work

Poly Legacy Wireless Headsets

  • Any legacy CS series wireless headset is supported
  • Add an APV-6A cord for hook switch control (EHS)
  • Base settings mic must be set to B
  • Plantronics Voyager Bluetooth is not officially supported although it seems to work

Poly Corded Headsets

  • Any H series or Quick Disconnect (QD) corded headset is supported
  • In order to use a corded headset a HIS Adapter Cable is required


If you are having problems with your desk phone, please check:

  • Did you plug a different telephone set into the jack?
  • Are any of the keys sticking on the phone?
  • Did you check the handset and wall cord to be sure both are in good working order?
  • Does the user have a cord detangler on their handset? If so, remove.
  • Is the user using a headset? Check all those connections and batteries first.

Once you have determined that the problem is with your phone equipment or with the telephone line, report the problem to NDIT's Service Desk.

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Soft Phones

A soft phone is a computer application that allows users to make telephone calls directly from their computer. A soft phone is most often used in conjunction with Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). With a soft phone, calls can be made from the PC to a phone line, from a phone to the PC, or between soft phone-enabled computers.

Commands can be entered through either the keyboard or the onscreen interface. Conversations are conducted on a headset/microphone combination.


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For complete Avaya voicemail instructions, download the Avaya voicemail guide