What is JotForm?

Jotform is an Enterprise Data Collection Platform that allows agencies to create their own low-to-medium complexity online forms. This self-service tool can be used to replace fillable PDFs, create surveys, and so much more.

Benefits of using Jotform:

  • Greatly expands data integrity related to data collection via forms
  • Improves data quality and accessibility for agencies
  • Provides a better data collection experience for citizens
  • Works on multiple browsers and on mobile devices
  • Reduces paper by using an electronic only delivery method for Electronic Data Collection - no paper received

Using Jotform provides a great opportunity to replace or supplement other tools or processes for forms and surveys. Jotform goes beyond Microsoft Forms and is not as complex as a web application or Dynamics application. 

Opportunity to replace or supplement:

  • Fillable PDF
  • Survey Monkey
  • Microsoft Forms
  • Word/Excel
  • ILINX e-forms
  • Formstack


Jotform is a Software as a Service (SaaS) Offering – The software is hosted off-site. When the data is submitted by the constituent, it resides in a table on the Jotform site. 

  • Data is encrypted while on Jotform platform
  • can be sent to an Inbox, one submission at a time
  • can be downloaded as a .csv file with a Jotform license
    • read more about the option to automate this process below or email (


Jotforms provides opportunities for automation for
downloading data and pdf copies.

  • If the form is developed by NDIT Records, the development time is non-billable.
  • A single Data-Only license will be needed for each agency to get the data and pdfs moved via the automated service.
  • Data (.csv file) will be moved to an enterprise SQL table that will act as a temporary holding place.
  • A process will need to be setup to move the data from the temp SQL table to where the agency needs the data to go.
  • PDF copies will be moved to temp directory for each form type.
  • A process will need to be setup to move the PDF from the temp directory to where the agency needs it to go.

What do you get with the service?

  • Self-service supported development:
    • Jotform is a cloud-based service, and every licensed user has direct access to Jotform Support by clicking the Support link in the upper right corner of the Jotform window.  You can report problems or ask how-to questions directly to the Jotform support team.  A new feature even allows you to schedule Zoom calls.
  • NDIT Forms development:
    • NDIT creates the form for your agency. Some functionality may include billable services. 
    • The Data Science & Analytics group can create surveys for you using JotForm. 
  • ND State Website Platform integration support:
    • NDIT creates the form for your agency. 
    • Agencies will be sent the submitted information, or
    • Can hold a Jotform license and log-in to download the data. This license would also allow one individual to create and maintain JotForms.

How To Request Services

NDIT’s Self Service Portal may be used to submit a “State Forms” service request to design a Jotform or request a Jotform license. Once logged in, select "Request Something" then choose the category of "Statewide Shared Platforms" then "State Forms" and fill out the required information. 


Who needs a license?

  • Forms developer – form developer and/or person downloading the data. 
  • Data-only – direct access to the data on Jotform.


Each user is required to have a license- each licensed user has access to the Jotform enterprise support.  

  • Jotform named user – Create, share, and manage forms
    • Our rate is $86 per month per license.
  • Data named user – Download data and pdf copy of submission
    • The estimated rate would be $36 per month per license.
  • HIPAA Server – Jotform offers a HIPAA compliant server option that will be included with the service. 
    • Business Associate Agreements (BAAs) will be provided. 


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Standards for Online Forms

All State of North Dakota online forms must have a professional appearance. They should be created using a clean, basic design with no typographical or grammatical errors. A standard Header (Title Block) is required on all state forms. 

Click here for standards: standards-for-header.pdf

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File Naming Conventions for Online Forms

File names are important as they standardize the way the forms will display in master lists. Please be consistent in naming online forms using this form: 

    • Examples:
      • DHS - Heating Vendor Participation Agreement - SFN 61642
      • DOT - Billboard Inventory Record - SFN 6728


*Refer to Standards for Online Forms for more information on creating headers and standardizing form settings in JotForm. 


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JotForm Design Tips and Best Practices

Here are some best practices for design and configuration to help you create state forms in JotForm: design-best-practices.pdf

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Privacy Act Statement (must be used for forms requesting SSN)

As part of the requirements of U.S.C.552a (Privacy Act of 1974), forms requesting a Social Security Number (SSN) must include the following information: 

  • Authority: The legal authority for collecting the information and whether disclosure of such information is mandatory or voluntary;
  • Purpose:  The purpose(s) for which the information will be used; and
  • Effect(s) of not providing the information, if any. 

A statement that summarizes this information must be included on any forms requesting a social security number.

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JotForm FAQs

JotForm Frequently Asked Questions

Can a form be routed to multiple users for approvals?

Can I share my form with others?

  • We highly recommend sharing your forms with others on your team, your manager, and your agency’s Forms Coordinator (if that isn’t your role). This is done when designing the form.
  • There is a new feature in JotForm called Teams that makes sharing easier. You can create a Team inside JotForm and share your forms with everyone in that Team. 
  • To share with your users, you have several options that can be explored here:

Can JotForm be used with Adobe Sign?

  • Yes. You will need to work with the EDMS team on forms that require this.

Can JotForm be used for forms that also require a printed copy or wet signature?

Can I translate my form into different languages?

Can I preview what the form will look like on a mobile device or phone?

Can a form created in JotForm be ADA compliant?

Can a form created in JotForm be HIPAA compliant?

Is JotForm replacing my current Adobe product?

  • No. You will not lose access to your current Adobe product (DC, Distiller, Pro, AEM, etc). JotForm is intended to provide another option for online forms design that does not have the limitations of how PDFs sometimes function in browsers and on mobile devices. Our hope is that you will use JotForm to replace some of your fillable PDFs to give the end-user a better experience online.

Can JotForm be used to create surveys?

Where is the submitted data stored?

Can submitted forms or forms requiring approval routing be emailed to a specific inbox?

If you have additional questions, send an email to our project team at

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JotForm Training and Help

JotForm Help Pages/User Guide:

JotForm on YouTube: Jotform - YouTube

Have more questions? Contact NDIT's EDCP (JotForm) project team at

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Jotform - Enterprise Data Collection Platform PDF