What is it? 

North Dakota State Geospatial Committee and the North Dakota Information Technology operate the Geographical Information System (GIS) Hub, an infrastructure comprised of geospatial data storage, web services, and application interfaces. The GIS Hub supports state agencies in the development of their GIS and the dissemination of common interest data to other levels of government and the public.

What do you get with the service? 

Access to 100’s of GIS data layers provided by state agency GIS data stewards

  • Enterprise geodatabases
    • State agency GIS users access these geodatabases using GIS desktop software and their Active Directory account
  • Web services
    • State agency GIS users and the public access the data via web-based data services and application interfaces using GIS desktop software and/or web browser applications
  • GIS data hosting
    • Common interest GIS data
  • GIS data that is developed or made available by a state agency and is of interest to other state agencies and to the public is hosted on the GIS Hub
    • The GIS Hub infrastructure can be leveraged to assist in managing data workflows, e.g., updating a data layer from the agency data source
  • Agency specific GIS data
    • GIS data specific to a state agency and made only available to users of that agency and/or to other selected users can be hosted and secured. Data storage and data access limitations may apply.

Requesting Service

NDIT’s Self Service Portal may be used to submit an “Geospatial Services” service request.

Requesting Support

For GIS-related issues, please visit Requesting GIS Hub Support.