Voice services include dial tone and telephone support as well as consulting, design, and engineering of voice technologies and applications.

Service Categories

  • Microsoft Teams Voice
  • Audio/Web Conferencing
  • Automated Attendant
  • Call Center
  • Call Recording
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • Interpretation Services
  • Long Distance / Toll Free / Calling Cards
      • Telephones
      • Voicemail

      Requesting Service

      NDIT’s online Work Management System (WMS) may be used to submit a "Telecommunications" service requests. NDIT's Enterprise Service Level Agreement includes Service Level Objectives and Standard Intervals for Request Fulfillment.

      Call Center

      A call center is designed to receive large volumes of requests by telephone.

      Anywhere365 Snapper software

      Avaya Call Center Elite

      The calls are routed evenly between the call center agents based on priority, skill level, availability and/or time idle. Each call center agent logs into the queue each morning and logs out of the queue at the end of the work day. Real time and historical statistics are available on both the call center agent as well as the call center queue. Agents can answer calls using One-X Agent softphone client to answer phones using the client on the PC enhancing mobility and functionality.

      Avaya Call Management System

      The Avaya Call Management System (CMS) is an analysis and reporting program offering real time monitoring, historical reporting, custom reporting, task scheduling, exception notification and threshold warning, administration and configuration, and long term data storage for your Avaya call center.

      CMS Supervisor Set Up File

      Install Instructions