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BISMARCK, N.D. - The National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) has officially accepted North Dakota’s Digital Equity Plan. The Digital Equity Plan, which is aimed at addressing disparities in digital access, skills, and affordability across the state, also provides implementation details for how the State will begin to address the digital divide in North Dakota.

With this acceptance of the Digital Equity Plan, North Dakota is now eligible to be awarded Digital Equity Act Capacity Grant funds to realize the State’s Vision for Digital Equity:

“Empower every North Dakotan, from our urban centers to the most remote regions of our state, with equitable digital access to be engaged with the opportunities of tomorrow.”

The State will strive to achieve this vision by implementing specific strategies and activities that address the aforementioned challenges. These planned initiatives can broadly be summarized by the following key themes: promote broadband access and affordability; increase accessibility and inclusivity of online resources; improve access and awareness of digital skills offerings; improve cybersecurity measures; and increase awareness of public device offerings.

This approval of the Digital Equity Plan coincides with NTIA’s approval of Volume I of North Dakota’s Initial Proposal for the BEAD program.

“Our broadband program team has worked hand-in-hand with the NTIA over the past year to get to this point,” said Brian D. Newby, broadband program director, North Dakota Information Technology. “We can begin the process of matching dollars to initiatives to ensure that all North Dakotans have access to high-speed broadband service and the skills needed to enjoy the life-transforming benefits of high-speed internet service.”

Further details on the Digital Equity Plan are available at ndit.nd.gov/about-us/broadband.


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