Every Student,  Every School, Cyber Educated.


Technology is transforming virtually every job, every sector, every industry.  As this transformation drives demand for a highly skilled workforce, North Dakota’s goal is to organically grow the next generation of computer science and cybersecurity professionals, while simultaneously growing our economy and helping set students up for success with 21st-century skills. 

PK-20W refers to Pre-Kindergarten through PhD + Workforce.

North Dakota already leads the nation in broadband access, and our military footprint and national leadership in energy, precision agriculture and the unmanned aerial industry are key economic drivers.  The future promises to be a highly connected world with smart infrastructure and unlimited possibility.  


North Dakota's goal is to lead the nation in computer science and cybersecurity education. A shared vision of the future has enabled stakeholders across the public and private sectors to pursue a bold vision of Every Student, Every School, Cyber Educated.

The award-winning PK-20W Initiative is a statewide, whole-of-government approach to computer science and cybersecurity education. 

  • This is a grassroots effort by more than 40 public and private sector organizations aligning operational security with education and workforce priorities.  
  • This robust ecosystem includes leaders from PK-12, higher education, state agencies, business and industry, workforce development, military and local and national strategic partners.