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Bismarck, ND     |     North Dakota Information Technology’s Chief Technology Officer Duane Schell has been selected as the Vice President on the 2021 Executive Board of the National Association of State Technology Directors. This follows Schell’s prior year as Secretary/Treasurer of the organization, which represents information technology professionals from all 50 states.

“I am grateful for the opportunity to serve in this capacity and give back to an organization that has benefited both myself and the State of North Dakota in tremendous ways,” said Schell. “Whether we’re talking about the systems, applications and data visualization tools states are relying on to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, or the ways we are using artificial intelligence and other technologies to automate work, IT enables virtually every business function now more than ever and this organization provides the forum for collaboration and sharing of the best ideas”  

Schell, a 30-year IT professional, will be presenting virtually at the North Dakota League of Cities conference Sept. 24 on the theme “Preparing Your Technology Platform for the Future” with a focus on telework. NDIT led state government’s transition to telework due to COVID-19, moving more than 7,000 state employees to work from home within 72 hours. Schell will also be discussing North Dakota’s national leadership in broadband connectivity Oct. 1 at the Midwestern Higher Education Compact.


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