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North Dakota Information Technology (NDIT) is pleased to announce Kimberly Weis as its new chief data officer.

“We are thrilled to announce Kim Weis as our new chief data officer. Kim's expertise and passion for harnessing the power of data to drive insight align seamlessly with NDIT's mission," said Kuldip Mohanty, chief information officer. “Her leadership will play a pivotal role in steering our data initiatives to new heights, driving innovation, and ensuring that data remains a cornerstone in our mission to empower, improve, and inspire success across the state.”

As chief data officer, Weis will have a pivotal role in shaping how NDIT leverages data to drive innovation, enhance efficiency, and achieve better outcomes for stakeholders.

Weis, who holds an undergraduate degree in Biochemistry/Molecular Biology and a Master of Public Health degree in Epidemiology, began her professional career in genetic epidemiology at the University of Minnesota. In 2004, she relocated back to her home state of North Dakota and worked at North Dakota Department of Health for five years as an epidemiologist before moving to North Dakota Human Services, where she served as a research analyst and later as assistant director of the data analytics team. In 2019, Weis and the data analytics team transitioned to NDIT, as part of IT unification. In late 2020, Weis was promoted to Data and Analytics Director within NDIT.

“The opportunity to enable and mature the continued data journey in ND is personally very exciting for me,” said Weis. “When I started my career in epidemiology nearly 22 years ago, I was passionately committed to the mission of advancing public health goals.  As my career progressed, I found myself being evermore drawn to data and the value it can provide to improving not just health, but the overall well-being of North Dakotans.  I have been fortunate to work with dedicated and talented colleagues and mentors during my tenure with State Government, and I am thrilled to continue collaborating with these partners and to serve in this new capacity.”

Kim Weis


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