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Bismarck, ND (JAN. 2021)   |   Chief Information Security Officer Kevin Ford today announced the State of North Dakota Information Technology Department (NDIT) has a goal in 2021 – the installation of anti-malware software on 45,000 Chromebook devices K-12 students use to attend class remotely or in a hybrid environment.

Previously, the anti-malware software had to be installed manually on each device. Now, school districts can centrally manage and easily deploy software that will protect Chromebook devices in the unique K-12 virtual and hybrid environments.

“NDIT pursued a solution for K-12 students to be protected online,” Ford said. “We have 45,000 students across the State using these devices, and we’re aiming to protect their Chromebooks in 2021.”

Ford is encouraging schools to place their requests to NDIT to get the devices protected. The anti-malware is at no cost to schools.

NDIT Director of Cybersecurity Operations Michael Gregg said, “Our goal is to get this coverage installed on devices and safeguard schoolchildren so they can focus on learning in a protected, secure environment, whether remotely or in the classroom.”

K-12 Information Systems Security Officer Steve Palmer said it is imperative schools leverage tools accessible to them to protect the devices.

“We want schools to reach out and get their requests in so we can help defend these devices with next-generation anti-malware software,” Palmer said.

School districts can obtain the anti-malware by sending an email to NDIT Cybersecurity staff at: itiso@nd.gov or by placing a request through the ServiceNow portal.



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