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North Dakota Chief Information Officer Shawn Riley and NDIRF CEO Brennan Quintus today announced a rate reduction for NDIRF members that implement the following cybersecurity services and practices: cyber maturity assessment, antimalware software, and vulnerability scanning services. The services are provided by the North Dakota Information Technology (NDIT) department at no cost to North Dakota cities, counties, and school districts. 

Each NDIRF member may receive up to a four percent (4%) liability rate reduction by implementing the cyber tools. 

“Over the past few years, the NDIRF and its members have become increasingly aware of the cyber threats facing North Dakota local governments,” shared Quintus. “Beyond providing coverage to our members, a primary focus of the NDIRF is to educate our members on risk prevention strategies, and our partnership with the NDIT will help our members get the tools they need to be proactive in defending their entities from cyber threats.”

“Organizations will benefit from the security tools we offer, as well as get relief from the insurance fees they are already paying,” said Chief Information Security Officer Michael Gregg.

Political subdivisions that want to receive cybersecurity support and tools to meet the requirements of the discount should reach out to the NDIT Service Desk at 701-328-4470 or by entering a request in the Service Portal: https://northdakota.service-now.com/serviceportal.

The NDIRF is the source of liability, automobile, and equipment coverage, including cyber liability and first- and third-party data breach coverage, for North Dakota local governments.


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