IT Architecture Review


An IT architecture review is performed to assess the fit of new IT solutions, services, or changes into the IT landscape of North Dakota Government. During the review process, the proposed solution or change is evaluated for alignment and compliance with the State's guiding IT Principles and IT Standards. The review process facilitates the management and execution of the statutory duties defined in North Dakota Century Code Chapter 54-56-09 and Chapter 54-59-22.

The review process must be completed for all IT Procurements, including RFPs, APs, and Request for Quotes. Agencies who intend to award a service or application to an external provider must first request exemption from the IT Services Standard

For procurements, the review and the processing of any resulting exemptions must be completed after the intent to award but before the contract is signed. 

For NDIT custom development efforts, the review and the processing of any resulting exemptions need to be completed before the SOW is signed.

Reviews may result in the need for a formal exemption to be processed if the intended solution does not comply with current IT Standards or Statutory Policy.  The CIO and OMB director make the final decision regarding if individual exemption requests are denied, approved, or approved with conditions.


Requesting an IT Architecture Review

The review process includes the following steps:

  1. The agency submits an IT Architecture Review Request or contacts the Business Architecture team @
  2. NDIT conducts an initial review of the submission. Agencies may be asked for additional information and/or clarification.
  3. Depending on the type of IT change, the agency may be requested to complete an IT Solution Questionnaire
  4. If the review team determines the need for a formal exemption from IT Standards or Statutory Policy
    1. The agency completes a Request for Exemption from Information Technology Standards or Statutory Policies (SFN 51687)
    2. The agency submits an electronic version of the document signed by the agency Director to NDIT.
    3. The Architecture Team develops a recommendation to the CIO to approve the request, deny the request, or approve the request with conditions.
    4. The CIO reviews the recommendation and makes a decision.
    5. NDIT submits its recommendation to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) director for approval or denial.
    6. NDIT notifies the agency regarding the final decision from NDIT and OMB.
    7. The standard exemption period is one year from the approval date, at which point the exemption will be reassessed.


Contact Information

The NDIT Business Architecture team facilitates the review and exemption processes.  Please feel free to contact them @