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Juice jacking refers to the security risk of using public charging stations that may infect your device with malware or steal your personal information. It's more common in airports, hotels and other public places. Hackers can compromise charging stations by installing malicious software or hardware that can transfer data from your device without your knowledge by using:

  • Malicious USB Cables - USB cables that appear normal but have additional components embedded within them.
  • Malicious USB Ports - Replacing the USB ports with their own malicious hardware.

Once your device is connected, the hacker can steal personal information directly from the device or install malware that continues to operate in the background.

Prevention Tips:

  • Avoid using public charging stations whenever possible.
  • Use your own charger and power adapter from trusted sources.
  • Consider using portable power banks instead of public charging stations.
  • Disable data transfer capabilities (USB mode) when charging your device.
  • Be cautious of using unknown or untrusted charging cables.

Best Practices:

  • Keep your device's operating system and applications up to date.
  • Use strong, unique passwords and enable biometric authentication.
  • Regularly back up your data to a secure location.
  • Install reputable mobile security software and keep it updated.
  • Stay vigilant and report any suspicious activity or signs of tampering.
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