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In order to protect the information of every North Dakota citizen who interacts with state agencies for various services, the North Dakota Information Technology Department is offering the Tenable Vulnerability Management tool at no cost.  

Chief Information Security Officer Kevin Ford has been aggressively advancing security on the statewide network, as well as partnering with State of North Dakota agencies to strengthen protections across.

“Managing system vulnerabilities is one of the most important ways for organizations to avoid cybersecurity events and protect citizen data,” Ford said. “We encourage all of Team ND to take advantage of this vulnerability management tool.”

Some of the key features of the monitoring tool are: 

  • How vulnerable devices may be to cyber-attacks.  
  • A comprehensive list of all devices detected on agency networks. 
  • Actionable items that agencies can execute to improve security posture. 

Agencies can obtain Tenable Vulnerability Monitoring tool by sending an email to NDIT Cybersecurity staff at: itiso@nd.gov

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