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North Dakota Health Information Technology Director Dr. Shila Blend today announced the North Dakota Health Information Network (NDHIN) has posted training videos for the Advanced Directive available to the public. The tutorials can be viewed at: ND Health Care Directive Registry | NDHIN | North Dakota Health Information Network 

The ND Health Care Directive Registry is an easily accessible electronic location to store health care directive records and replace outdated versions with the most up-to-date version. It is also available anywhere, no matter where the patient is located. Often, when people travel, their advance directive isn’t readily available. Or over time, as changes are made, multiple conflicting copies may exist. 

The ND Health Care Directive Registry solves this problem by giving the patient access to their record wherever they have need. 

“These instructional videos provide easy-to-follow instructions to get essential health information accessible to patients and care providers, no matter where the patient is physically located,” Blend said, “this will help people get the best, most effective care possible when the provider has access to critical information.” 

The training videos show how to create an account, upload documents, access the registry and more:  

Information is critical in crisis. The health information exchange helps improve the quality of patient care, saves time, enhances privacy and reduces costs. For example, in an emergency, it allows a physician to retrieve the patient's healthcare records quickly and efficiently. The result of this is delivery of appropriate care and significantly reduces unnecessary duplicative testing, medical errors and costs.  

Chief Technology Officer for the state of North Dakota Duane Schell said,” This program will help improve and possibly save lives. It is a safe, convenient way for patients to have their health information readily available, whether for convenience or need.” 


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