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Bismarck, N.D. (FEB. 28, 2020)     |     North Dakota Chief Information Officer Shawn Riley will be speaking at several local and national events highlighting the state’s unified cybersecurity approach and statewide K-20W cybersecurity education initiative.

North Dakota garnered national attention with Senate Bill 2110, passed unanimously by the Legislature during the 2019-2021 Biennium. This milestone makes North Dakota the first state to authorize a central, shared service approach to cybersecurity strategy across all aspects of state government including state, local, legislative, judicial, K-12 and higher education. The state’s K-20W Initiative, for “kindergarten through PhD and workforce,” is a whole-of-government approach to innovative education, workforce development and ensuring “Every Student. Every School. Cyber Educated.”

“North Dakota’s unity of effort with decisionmakers, community members and educational leaders working together to address the growing threat of cyber-attacks is making a huge impact on our ability to protect and defend our systems and citizens,” said Riley. “Additionally, we are laser-focused on ensuring every student has the computer science and cybersecurity skills to succeed in an increasingly digital world. North Dakota has a unique opportunity to lead the nation with a unified cybersecurity effort and a skilled 21st century workforce.”

Upcoming speaking engagements include:

  • Beyond the Beltway” e-Republic conference in Virginia, March 4 – 5 (closed press);
  • North Dakota Cybersecurity Conference at North Dakota State University in Fargo, ND March 19 (open press);
  • Microsoft State Government Leaders Academy in Redmond, WA, March 24 – 25 (closed press);
  • Department of Defense TechEx cybersecurity conference in Arlington, Virginia, March 26, (closed press);
  • University of North Dakota School of Law Legal Tech Fair, April 3, 2:00 CST – 5:00 CST (open press).
  • The K-20W Initiative team will receive a CSO50 Award in Scottsdale, AZ April 27 – 29.


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