Enterprise-level hardware, software, systems, and network infrastructure that provide underlying support for Business strategy.

Desktop Support is now End User Compute and Collaboration- A holistic approach to managing all personal computing devices within an organization, including laptops, tablets, and mobile phones. It includes an array of tasks, such as setting up new hardware, installing software, troubleshooting incidents, administering program patches, and providing encryption and anti-virus solutions.

Hosting- Provides agencies access to a state of the art cloud based database solution.

  • Disk Storage and Backup- As agencies move towards less paper intensive processes (reducing physical storage costs) the need for electronic storage has increased significantly. NDIT offers several levels of storage services, including automated backup services.
  • Hosting Platforms-
  • Databases-
  • File and Print-
  • Datacenter Space Rental-

Managed Print ServicesNDIT will work with supported agencies to enroll them into printer services directly from industry-leading HP. Managed Print Service will reduce customer stress by directly monitoring and tracking usage for automated toner delivery, reduce costs and provide expert support for trouble-shooting.

Network- Network Services allow connections for the business to the Internet and between entities on STAGEnet (North Dakota Statewide Technology Access for Government and Education Network). NDIT provides consulting services to assist customers in acquiring network solutions that best fit their business needs.