IT Services that facilitate communication needs to our customers. 

Cellular Service- This service includes phones, accessories, mobile hotspots.

Email- is a means of transmitting computer-based messages over a network, typically the Internet. Today's email programs are often bundled with other tools designed to improve collaboration, such as calendars, contact lists, and task lists. 

Fax- (short for facsimile) is a document sent over a telephone line.

File Transfer- is a managed method of transferring data from one computer to another. As an alternative to email, file transfer is sometimes necessary to address security, size, and/or automation.

Instant Messaging- allows real-time communication with contacts.  People can instantly tell if a colleague is online and chat with them using text, audio, and/or video.

Video- Video communication enables face-to-face interaction in real time between two or more people using video and audio technologies.

Voice- Voice services include dial tone and telephone support as well as consulting, design, and engineering of voice technologies and applications.

  • Voice Service Categories

    • Microsoft Teams Voice- A cloud-based phone system that is accessible from a mobile device or your computer and do not need additional desktop hardware.

    • Audio/Web Conferencing- Audio Conferencing is a managed communication technology between multiple sites that are linked by voice telecommunication devices.

    • Automated Attendant- An Auto-Attendant automatically answers incoming calls and presents customers with a previously recorded voicemail menu allowing them to select options and route themselves to certain numbers or recorded messages.

    • Call Center- A call center is designed to receive large volumes of requests by telephone.

    • Call Recording- Call Recording captures inbound and/or outbound telephone conversations for playback, quality management, and archiving.

    • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)- self-service system that enables callers to navigate voice prompts using their telephone keypad or voice command to navigate menus to obtain information or process a transaction.

    • Interpretation Services- Over-the-Phone Language Interpretation is the facilitating of verbal communication, either simultaneously or consecutively, between users of different languages.  

    • Long Distance / Toll Free / Calling Cards- Long Distance, Toll Free, and Calling Cards options exist for distributing the cost associated with telephone usage.

    • Telephones- Telephones are used to communicate between distant points. Today's desktop, mobile, and soft phones are equipped with a multitude of functionality to promote communication and collaboration.

    • Voicemail- Voicemail is a computerized telephone system that plays announcements to callers, records messages, and allows the messages to be retrieved.